Poster Presentations

1. Examining the Sensitivity of Monthly Temperature Forecast Models to Multiple Sources of Soil Moisture Data

Authors: Zack Leasor, Steven M. Quiring

2. The microphysical evolution of snowbands in a rapidly intensifying extratropical cyclone: A case study of the 7 February 2020 IMPACTS research flight

Authors: Megan Varcie, Robert Rauber, Greg McFarquhar, Joseph Finlon, Lynn McMurdie

3. Understanding the Role of the Land Surface for Arctic Vapor and Clouds

Authors: Tyler S. Harrington, Jiang Zhu, Christopher B. Skinner

4. Mesoscale Dynamics Resulting in the Formation of the Cedar Fire (2003) on the Lee Slope of the Mountains

Authors: Shak M. S. Karim, Yuh-Lang Lin, Michael L. Kaplan

5. Using Multi-Scale Fire Predictive Indices for the Yarnell Hill Fire

Authors: Jan Ising, Yuh-Lang Lin, Justin Riley, Michael L. Kaplan

6. Analyzing the Ohio Valley Region's Tornado Climatology, 1960-2018

Authors: Alyssa Reynolds

7. Machine Learning to Estimate and Regionalize Global Aerosol Mixing State

Authors: Zhonghua Zheng, Matthew West, Nicole Riemer

8. Kinematic Modeling Study of the Vertical Organization of Falling Snow/Ice Particles within a 3-Dimensional Wind Field

Authors: Andrew Janiszeski, Robert M. Rauber, Brian F. Jewett, Greg M. McFarquhar

9. Sensitivity of Hail Processes and Characteristics to WRF Input Options

Authors: Holly Mallinson

10. Implementation of dynamic sugarcane crop growth processes into a land surface model

Authors: Prateek Sharma

11. Radar Characteristics of Observed Supercell Thunderstorms Interacting with the Appalachian Mountains

Authors: Katherine E. McKeown, Casey E. Davenport, Sarah M. Purpura, Matthew D. Eastin

12. Global Mean Precipitation and Energy Budgets in CMIP6 Models

Authors: Lukas Naehrig, Noah Asch

13. Environmental Evolution of Supercells Interacting with the Appalachian Mountains

Authors: Sarah Purpura